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What does "harvest date" mean on my seed packets?

Q: The instructions on a seed packet says 22-30 days to harvest. Is this from the time you plant the seed or after it’s sprouted first leaves? Or hardened off and put in the garden/pot?

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Growing Healthy Kids, featuring video lessons, returns for spring

The video lessons, about eight to 10-minutes long, give students opportunities to learn basic plant parts and encourage students to try a variety of fruits and vegetables using their senses.

Chris Branam | Apr 1, 2021 | News story

Grow an Extra Row teaches gardening while reducing food insecurity

In 2019, Master Gardener volunteers produced and donated 3,039 pounds of fresh, nutritious produce.

Weston Miller | Mar 2021 | Impact story

Wandering squash bees and their millennia-long pursuit of squash cultivation

Most species of the genus Cucurbita (squash and gourd plants) can trace ancient ancestry to what is now known as Mexico. Wild species of these plants also occurred farther north into the present day United States, particularly...

Miranda Jones | Mar 2021 | Article

OSU shares benefits of gardening

In 2019, nearly 3,000 Master Gardeners compiled 221,423 volunteer hours – equivalent to 106 full-time employees

Gail Langellotto | Feb 2021 | Impact story

With the right care, asparagus beds will produce for decades

Asparagus is a hardy perennial and should be planted as soon as the soil can be properly prepared in the spring.

Kym Pokorny | Feb 12, 2021 | News story

How to Use Compost in Gardens and Landscapes

Compost is a soil amendment consisting of partially broken-down organic material. Use compost to improve soil for vegetable gardens, landscape areas and lawns. Learn how to apply the correct amount of compost and how to avoid common compost mistakes.

Weston Miller | Feb 2021 | OSU Extension Catalog

Garden box project helps increase food security for Warm Springs families

The Grow Where You Are project is helping tribal members on the Warm Springs reservation grow their own food at home through garden kits.

Chris Branam | Dec 7, 2020 | News story

The great Oregon squash bee hunt!

A marvelous new bee is in the process of spreading its range to Oregon - the squash bee. Learn about this fascinating bee and help us track its arrival to Oregon.

Miranda Jones | Nov 2020 | Article

Why does my butternut squash taste so boring?

Q: We planted butternut squash that produced prolific fruit, but it just did not have flavor. The squash looked fine inside and out. What went wrong? Variety? Soil nutrients?

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