When a fire threatens a community it can be an emotional, scary, and traumatic experience, especially if you had to evacuate. There can be a lot of uncertainty around how long an evacuation may last, when it is safe to return, and what you might find when you do. In this webinar we hear from experts that will discuss what happens after the fire and address some of these uncertainties; including the factors authorities are using to determine when it is safe to return, what to know and expect upon returning, assessing your home and property for damage, important calls to make, and what resources and assistance are available if you have been affected by fire.

Originally aired on June 16, 2021

Presenters: Brian Metzger (U.S. Fire Administration); Nancy Yuill (Department of Consumer and Business Services); Virginia Demaris (Lincoln County Sheriff's Office)


2020 Oregon Wildfire Recovery Fact sheet

Community Wildfire Protection Plans

Post-wildfire recovery (fema.gov)

Helping community residents after a home fire (fema.gov)

Home | disasterassistance.gov

Individual Assistance | FEMA.gov


Call to action

Just starting out? Document your property to account for insurance claims, make a list of important numbers to call in the aftermath of a fire.

If you are further along and have already taken some action in your community to be Fire Prepared - Reach out to friends, family and neighbors to help prepare them for recovery after a wildfire. Assist with property documentation for family or friends unable to do it themselves.

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