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Award Applications Due - October 27, 2020

With the support of volunteers and community partners the Benton County 4-H program is able to prosper while empowering our youth to be strong and dedicated community leaders. We want to thank and recognize the outstanding contributions and achievements of these individuals and groups. Selected nominees will be recognized at the Annual 4-H Award and Recognition Banquet each fall.

Please fill out the following applications to nominate a deserving 4-H adult leader, organization, business, community partner, or club. Applications are available online as a webform or at our office. All nominations must be submitted by Tuesday, October 27, 2020 for consideration.

The 2020 4-H Award and Recognition Banquet will be held VITRUALLY. Details to be announced.

Outstanding Leader Award

This award is intended to recognize individual club leaders (co-leaders, assistant leaders, project leaders, resource leaders) who have provided exceptional leadership, made a special contribution or impact on youth in the 4-H program, their club and/or community.

Up to eight Awards are given each year: Large Animal (not including horse), Small Animal (not including dog), Horse, Family Consumer Science, Arts, & Sciences, Cloverbud, Wildlife Stewards, Dog and Associated Projects (Shooting Sports, Dance, Camp, etc.).

Cooperator Award

(formerly known as DSA - Distinguished Service Award)

This award honors an individual or business who have made significant contributions to the Benton County 4-H program.

Club Community Service Award

This award recognizes a 4-H club who has made outstanding contributions to their local communities. These efforts must have responded to real community needs and had a positive impact.

County Medal - Member Award

A county medal recognizes a 4-H member’s growth in the work they have done in a particular project area. It looks at project skills learned, as well as community service, mentorship, and/or demonstrated leadership in which the member has participated. It recognizes the individual rather than the project. Members may only receive a specific county medal once per project in each age division (intermediate & senior), with the exception of members may receive a fashion revue or achievement medal in the same year they receive a project medal. Print application OR APPLY ONLINE!

4-H Scholarship Applications

Due - March 1, 2021 - Apply ONLINE!

Benton County 4-H currently offers the following scholarships to currently enrolled graduating high school seniors who are interested in pursuing higher education. All scholarships have specific eligibility requirements, please review these prior to applying.

Bateman Scholarship, Decker Scholarship, Hitchcock Scholarship, and Moos Scholarship.

Other Scholarship Applications

Due - March 1, 2021

Oregon 4-H State Scholarships


Due - April 15, 2021

Benton County Horse Advisory Scholarship

Kathy Wells Memorial Scholarship


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