Benton County 4-H Horse Project

The 4-H Horse project is open to all youth 9-19. Members may own or lease a horse to participate in the program. Benton County 4-H does not provide horses for members. Our program provides leaders and volunteers with experience and expertise to help your child learn and grow within the Horse project. Partnered with the Benton County Fairgrounds we offer clinics and ride nights for members to gain hands on skills in several riding disciplines.

Members who participate in 4-H horse programs develop life skills that include leadership, responsibility, sportsmanship, teamwork, community service, a positive attitude, and a sense of self worth. Members will participate in a variety of activities throughout the year including clinics, educational meetings, hippology, judging, and horse bowl contests, as well as county, regional and statewide shows. 

Youth who are interested in learning about horses or expanding their knowledge about horses without owning or leasing an animal can enroll in the “Horseless” program. This program was designed as an introduction to the horse project. Horseless members are not allowed to ride however they can attend meetings/ride nights, county contests, complete records/advancements and can participate in limited classes at pre-fair and fair.

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