Processing meat animals at home

The cost and supply of food is concerning to many these days. Disruptions in the cattle, sheep, and swine markets, particularly in the slaughter-packer sector, have indeed threatened the availability of meat and put pressure on prices at the supermarket and at the livestock producer level. This has caused us to rethink the way we produce and process food. Some are considering backyard slaughter of livestock.

The OSU Extension Service livestock work group realized we needed to provide information to people who want to process their own meat animals at home. Many important steps need to be taken prior to and after the actual slaughter of any meat animal. These are necessary for welfare, safety, and meat quality. In response to this need, we have compiled a helpful collection of resources below and are working on some short videos and a webinar with resources to address the current need and have them available for future use.

Selection and handling
Waste disposal
Sharing meat
Aging meat
Amount of meat
Food Safety
Storing meat
Cooking meat
Helpful resources

We hope to add more details soon, including videos and webinars. Please let us know if you do not see an item you think should be included.

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