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Growing Oregon Gardeners: Level Up Series

This monthly zoom series kicked off in January 2021, offering education for the experienced gardener led by OSU horticulture experts from across the state.

These are the recordings for all of our webinars in 2021. We have a new page for all of our webinars in 2022.

January 12: Understanding Seed Characteristics

February 9: Multifunctional Hedgerows

March 9: Dirt gone bad: When your soil amendment has been contaminated

April 13: Dazzling Dahlias

May 11: Water-wise Gardening

June 8: Unique Winter Vegetables to Grow

July 13: Fire-wise Landscaping

August 10: Season Extension Techniques

September 14: Gardening with Native Plants for Pollinators

October 12: Adapting Your Garden and Landscape for Climate Change

November 9: Healthy Soils for Healthy People

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