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Meet Our Business marketing Experts

Jessica Barnett

4-H and FCH Education Program Assistant

Contact me with questions about 4-H programming and Snap-Ed in Gilliam County

Tim Delbridge

Assistant Professor

Hablo español (I speak Spanish)

Kathleen Lillis

Information Technology Consultant

Contact me for questions on website content, video and data assistance.

Belisario Nigenda Pérez


YEA CN Program Manager

Hablo español (I speak Spanish)

Ashton Robertson


4-H External Communications Coordinator

Contact me with questions about 4-H Marketing and Communications

Rebecca Thistlethwaite

NMPAN Director

Contact for meat sales, science, & processing questions.

Hablo español (I speak Spanish)

Victor Villegas


Broadband & Digital Technologies Adoption Coordinator

Contact me for questions on digital equity, digital literacy, safe computing, drones, Artificial Intelligence (AI), VR/AR, digital technology adoption, and K-12 STEAM education.

Hablo español (I speak Spanish)