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State Fair

Oregon State 4-H Fair Entry Materials

On this site you will find all forms and materials you will need for entering the Oregon State 4-H Fair and many of the materials are also used in county fairs.

Fairs are one opportunity for 4-H youth to demonstrate their knowledge and mastery in their project areas. Participating at the Oregon State 4-H Fair is a honor because 4-H youth have excelled with their projects at their local 4-H County Fairs and qualify to showcase their skills with other youth from across Oregon State.

Come experience the fun and celebrate their achievements.

Lucky enjoying the fair!

Photo by Karissa Dishon

State Fair Exhibit Entry Materials

Click below to go to the area you are planning to enter State Fair to find the materials you will need to enter your animal or exhibit at State Fair (e.g. score cards, information cards, evaluation sheets, etc.)

Small Animals

Caves, Exotics, Poultry and Eggs


Dog Obedience Score Sheets

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Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts Explanation Card (231-01) use for all Art (231), Cake Decorating (236), Ceramics and Pottery (235)  exhibits


Cake Decorating


Fiber Arts


Performing Arts


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Family & Consumer Science


Designing Spaces

Foods and Nutrition

Food Preservation



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Live Contests


Fashion Revue

Flower Arranging Contest

Food Contests

Cake Decorating Contest

Judging Contests

Table Setting Contest

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