Photo: Allen Taggart (Cropped from original)

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Kristen Moore standing next to her Bernese Mountain Dog, Beau.

Kristen Moore


4-H Youth Development

Contact me for companion pet 4-H program questions in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties or if you are interested in getting involved in the statewide DIVE4Ag project.

Programs: 4-H Youth Development , Clackamas County 4-H , Washington County 4-H , Portland Area 4-H

DeAnn Pope

Administrative Program Assistant, 4-H Youth Development

Programs: Washington County 4-H

Locations: Washington County

Allen Taggart portrait

Allen Taggart


4-H Assistant Professor of Practice

Leads the Washington County 4-H Youth Development program within the Portland Metro area of Oregon. Conducts research on positive youth development, experience quality & design, volunteer management, and "first generation 4-H" participants.

Programs: 4-H Youth Development , Washington County 4-H

Locations: Washington County