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Member Opportunities

4-H grows future leaders. From teaching younger 4-H members to participating in regional, state, and national events, 4-H provides opportunities for young people to build life-long leadership skills.

100 Years of Summer Conference

4-H Leadership Resources

OSU Extension Catalog

Opportunities for 4-H Members

This publication describes opportunities and resources available to 4-H members. Includes information on club, county, state, regional, national, and international opportunities.

By Roberta Lundeberg

OSU Extension Catalog

Leadership and Teaching Techniques

This publication provides basic information for 4-H volunteers on leadership and teaching techniques.

OSU Extension Catalog

4-H Club Officer Handbook

This publication provides guidance for 4-H club officers on duties, planning meetings, and keeping and filling out important records and forms.

By Carolyn Ashton, Sue Hunt, Roberta Lundeberg

OSU Extension Catalog

A Youth Leadership Guide for 4-H Club Meetings

This guide will help 4-H youth leaders plan and conduct engaging meetings. It offers examples and guidance on topics such as using committees, creating calendars, making agendas, preparing for and running meetings (including the use of basic parliamentary procedure), and evaluating effectiveness.

By Carolyn Ashton, Sue Hunt, Roberta Lundeberg

Spring Classic (formerly Spring Horse Classic) 

New Date this year:  May 17-19, 2019

Redmond, OR

Spring Classic now includes the following statewide contests (* signifies that a National contest is available for Senior members/teams):

  • *Horse, Dog, Rabbit, and *Poultry Judging
  • *Horse, Dog, Rabbit, Livestock, and *Avian Quiz Bowls
  • *Hippology
  • *Livestock Skills
  • Presentations, Team Presentations and Public Speaking in
    • Small animal (dog, rabbit, cavy, poultry, pigeon)
    • Livestock
    • *Horse

Spring Classic Rules & Information: