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Member Opportunities

4-H grows future leaders. From teaching younger 4-H members to participating in regional, state, and national events, 4-H provides opportunities for young people to build life-long leadership skills.

4-H Leadership Resources

Opportunities for 4-H Members

This publication describes opportunities and resources available to 4-H members. Includes information on club, county, state, regional, national, and international opportunities.

By Roberta Lundeberg | OSU Extension Catalog

Leadership and Teaching Techniques

This publication provides basic information for 4-H volunteers on leadership and teaching techniques.

OSU Extension Catalog

4-H Club Officer Handbook

This publication provides guidance for 4-H club officers on duties, planning meetings, and keeping and filling out important records and forms.

By Roberta Lundeberg, Sue Hunt, Carolyn Ashton | OSU Extension Catalog

A Youth Leadership Guide for 4-H Club Meetings

This guide will help 4-H youth leaders plan and conduct engaging meetings. It offers examples and guidance on topics such as using committees, creating calendars, making agendas, preparing for and running meetings (including the use of basic parliamentary procedure), and evaluating effectiveness.

By Roberta Lundeberg, Sue Hunt, Carolyn Ashton | OSU Extension Catalog

Leading the Way: Oregon 4-H Junior Leader Project Member Handbook

The 4-H Junior Leader project gives members opportunities to develop skills by taking on more leadership responsibilities.

By Pamela Rose, Dana Martin | OSU Extension Catalog

Oregon 4-H Junior Leader Project: Adult Leader Guide

The focus of this project is for 4-H Junior Leaders to build skills and gain confidence while helping you in your role as adult leader.

By Pamela Rose, Dana Martin | OSU Extension Catalog

Spring Classic (formerly Spring Horse Classic) 

New Date this year:  May 17-19, 2019

Redmond, OR

Spring Classic now includes the following statewide contests (* signifies that a National contest is available for Senior members/teams):

  • *Horse, Dog, Rabbit, and *Poultry Judging
  • *Horse, Dog, Rabbit, Livestock, and *Avian Quiz Bowls
  • *Hippology
  • *Livestock Skills
  • Presentations, Team Presentations and Public Speaking in
    • Small animal (dog, rabbit, cavy, poultry, pigeon)
    • Livestock
    • *Horse

Spring Classic Rules & Information:

Summer Conference

  • June 26-29, 2019
  • Held on the beautiful OSU Campus
  • Registration fee only $200 - many counties cover part of this cost
  • Registration will open May 15
  • Registration is done online.  You will need to get a password from your county extension office in order to register.  Contact your county office for details on your county's registration process.  Detailed registration instructions are posted and can be found in the "resources" section below.

Summer Conference is an opportunity for youth grades 7-12 to travel to Corvallis, explore campus life, make new friends, learn, and have a lot of fun. While here, participants attend workshops on a wide variety of subjects. Over 80 classes are offered including dog agility, a logging site tour, animal anatomy, fly fishing, origami, and etiquette.

In addition to attending workshops, participants will hear a nationally acclaimed speaker, participate in a Community Service project, and enjoy many fun activities such as a pool party and dance.

Members arrive on campus early Wednesday afternoon, either through their own transportation or on the summer conference charter buses, then stay in a campus dorm and eat at a dining hall. The conference is capped off with a closing program Saturday morning where new state ambassadors and national congress delegates are announced.

Questions about Summer Conference can be directed to Roberta Lundeberg.



International Programs

The world is constantly changing. What happens in other countries and on other continents affects each of us in some way, and our collective survival depends on awareness of the world and its peoples. You can learn more about this by participating in 4-H global citizenship and many exciting cultural immersion opportunities.

4-H International Exchange Ambassador Programs

Oregon youth have the opportunity to participate in both outbound and inbound international exchange programs through the 4-H Global Citizenship Program.  Oregon families can apply to host youth ages 12-19 from Costa Rica, Finland, Japan, Norway and potentially other countries such as S. Korea and Taiwan for a four week summer exchange, or can also apply to host high school age youth from Japan, S. Korea, Eurasian or Eastern European countries for an academic year.

Oregon youth also have the opportunity to apply to go outbound on four or eight week summer or academic year exchanges to Japan, Costa Rica, Finland, Norway and S. Korea through 4-H International Programs.  Scholarship funds are also available that can help off-set the cost of the trip by anywhere from 30-75%.  There are also opportunities for older, college-age youth as well as adults to apply for chaperone and internship opportunities in many of these countries.  Have a once-in-a-lifetime experience and apply to get out there and see the world or bring the world to you through 4-H International Programs!

Outbound Programs, Academic Year Programs (AYP), Summer Inbound Non-Japan Programs
Brenda Coleman ,, 541-737-1303



For Coordinators and Staff

Oregon 4-H International Program Teen Counselor Program

The Oregon 4-H International Exchange Program is seeking youth in 8th - 12th grade to assist with summer programs. Interested teens may provide assistance at Japanese Delegate Orientation, or Japanese Departure Programs. Leadership duties vary by program. Japanese Delegate Orientation requires the most youth assistance which includes leading/teaching Japanese delegates. Applications are due June 15 each year.

Summer Inbound Japan Program 
Contact: Shana Withee,,541-573-2506

4-H Cloverbuds

The Oregon 4-H Cloverbud Program is designed to provide an opportunity for young people ages 5 through 8 to participate in a developmentally appropriate learning experience separate and distinct from the regular 4-H club experience.  Cloverbuds explore a wide array of short-term learning experiences, over the course of a given year, allowing them to explore and discover different topics of interest.

Information for leading a 4-H Cloverbud Club: 

  • information pending