Member Opportunities

4-H grows future leaders. From teaching younger 4-H members to participating in regional, state, and national events, 4-H provides opportunities for young people to build life-long leadership skills.

100 Years of Summer Conference

4-H Leadership Resources

Oregon 4-H Ambassadors

Challenge yourself to explore and build leadership skills! Oregon 4-H Ambassador programs have two levels. 4-H County Ambassadors are outstanding 8th-12th grade members. Please contact your local 4-H program for more information including requirements and job responsibilities.

The 4-H State Ambassador is a group of 10-20 outstanding Oregon 4-H youth. 4-H youth who are interested in rewarding experiences and opportunities to develop their leadership skills and are in 9th-12th grade can apply for the 4-H State Ambassador program. Interviews and selected State Ambassadors are announced at the 4-H Summer Conference.

Ambassador applications are due by March 1st to the Oregon State 4-H office.

For more information on the State Ambassador program, please review these resources and contact Roberta Lundeberg.

National 4-H Congress

Every Thanksgiving weekend, 4-H members from all around the country attend National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, Georgia. Delegates hear inspirational speakers, participate in workshops, engage in  large-scale community service projects, and enjoy many other fun activities.

The Oregon 4-H program views National 4-H Congress as an important opportunity for 4-H members and is committed to providing this experience to as many 4-H members as possible. Because trips to Congress are dependent on donations, a selection process is held each year. Oregon trip winners typically demonstrate a considerable breadth and depth of 4- experience.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Have at least three years of 4-H participation, including the current year.
  • Must be an active 4-H participant during the current 4-H year.
  • Must be at least 15 years old at the time of application.

County 4-H Fair Scholarships

The following Scholarships are available to Oregon 4-H members who are seniors in high school and have been active in their County 4-H Fair for at least 2 years Applications must be approved and signed by county Extension 4-H agents, who will then forward the applications to the State 4-H Office by March 1.  Check with your local county 4-H Agent to find out when applications are due in their office.

Submit all the information below, in the order listed, by hard copy. No electronic applications will be accepted. County Extension 4-H agents must approve and sign all applications. Do not submit applications in a notebook or report cover.

  • 4-H Fair Scholarship Application
  • One two page essay explaining the benefits of fair participation for youth, and why such opportunities should continue in the future. Also outline your educational and career plans. Essay should be single-sided pages, double spaced, in 12 point Times Roman Font with one inch margins.
  • A fair leadership summary and 4-H fair exhibit and contest summary, including both pre-fair and county fair (1 page maximum each form).

    Use the official Summary forms which are included with the application.  Information included in the table is:

    • Year
    • Responsibility you had
    • Number of hours spent at the fair
    • Expected Financial Analysis
    • Two completed reference forms. Only the official Scholarship Reference Form (found in the 4-H Fair Scholarship application) will be accepted. Recommendations from your County 4-H Extension Agent, program assistant, 4-H club leader, fair superintendent or others familiar with your 4-H work are desirable. References from family members are not suitable. References may be printed and completed by hand. Forms should be returned to you in a sealed envelope.
    • Include a copy of high school transcript, to verify GPA.