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Family Consumer Sciences

Life skills necessary to manage our lives and that of our future family are gained through the many learning opportunities and skills contests in these project areas: Business Entrepreneurship and Finance, Clothing and Sewing, Crocheting, Designing Spaces, Foods and Nutrition, Food Preservation, Innovation and Creativity and Knitting.


Business and Entrepreneur

You can develop the skills and confidence to start a business! The Business and Entrepreneur project focuses determining price with market research, creating a marketing plan, developing partnerships and drafting agreements and contracts. Exploration results in developing a plan for starting a business while discovering your strengths and learning how to give back to your community.

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Innovation and Creativity

4-H members to share a creative or innovative exhibit that does not fit well in the project area’s scripted classes. The idea behind this program is to have a way for members to share how they have expanded their knowledge and skills to include new learning from outside a project area which then is included in their project areas. A project may include a technological component to add another dimension to the project such as illumination or interactivity or uses science knowledge or skills to otherwise enhance the project

Child Development

Babysitting can be a rewarding way to help out your community and begin to earn money.

The Child Development project is a 2-year project that focuses on skills needed to be a successful babysitter. Topics include business management, sitter responsibilities, safety, appropriate activities for children at different ages, and guiding children’s behavior. This project is designed for use in a club setting with a series of 10 or more meetings or as a basis for a concentrated short-term project preparing youth for babysitting activities.

(This is not currently a state supported project but may be available as a county project)

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Through the 4-H Clothing project, youth develop decision making abilities, express themselves creatively, gain knowledge and skills in the area of clothing and personal appearance, and learn how to construct sewn items. This project consists of nine progressive skill levels grouped into Basic, Expanding, and Advanced skills. Each level incorporates activities in five areas (Planning and evaluation; Individual development and outreach; Management, consumerism, and wardrobe building; Textiles and science; and Construction). Statewide contests include Fashion Revue and Clothing Judging Contest. Members enroll according to experience level not age or grade.

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4-H Clothing Construction Fact Sheet Series:

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The Crocheting project offers opportunities for members to develop skills that can be useful and bring pleasure throughout a lifetime. The project has a sequence of six phases to help the member build skills. Any phase may be extended for more than one year to experience and master the associated skills.

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Additional resources
These websites are listed for educational purposes and do not constitute endorsement of any products they sell. Additional commercial and informational sites may be found by using "crochet" or similar words in a web search engine.

  • is an online information site with a library of crochet stitches and techniques
  • Lion Brand Yarn is a commercial site selling yarns and patterns. It also has a Learn to Crochet section.

Designing Spaces

Youth of all ages learn basic elements and principles of design by doing hands-on activities focused on understanding and improving the home environment.

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Food Preservation

The Food Preservation project provides opportunities for members to learn safe food preservation; practice techniques in canning, freezing, and drying of foods; and use preserved foods creatively in meals and snacks. The project has three divisions which build on the experiences of the previous level. Each division may be extended for more than one year to experience and master the skills which have been included. Members enroll according to their experience level not age or grade.

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Always use the most current research based preparation and processing recommendations for preserved products. OSU pubs are available on the Family and Community Health website and in county Extension offices. USDA recommendations are available online. The Ball Blue Book of Preserving (copyright 2011) is available commercially.

Beginning Division - OSU publications from the Family and Community Health website

Expanding Division - OSU publications from the Family and Community Health website

Advanced Division - OSU publications from the Family and Community Health website

OSU Extension Catalog

Glossary of Food Terms

Defines common terms used when working with ingredients, preparing recipes, and learning about food preparation.

OSU Extension Catalog

Choosing and Using Recipes

An important part of food preparation is recipe selection. A recipe tells which ingredients to use and how to put them together. Knowing how to interpret the symbols and terms and how to use the recipe will help create a successful product.

OSU Extension Catalog

You Can Prevent Foodborne Illness

What is a foodborne illness? What causes it? How can you reduce your risk of getting it? Known causes of foodborne illnesses, practicing good personal hygiene, cooking foods adequately, keeping foods at safe temperatures, avoiding high-risk foods and water, handling certain foods with extra care,...


The 4-H Knitting project has two divisions, knitting with hand-held needles and knitting with looms, boards, and machines. The hand held needle division has 6 phases while the looms and boards division has 3 phases. Any phase may be extended for more than one year to experience and master the skills which have been included.

4-H Knitting Project Resources

OSU Extension Catalog

4-H Knitting Member Guide

In your knitting project, you'll learn a very old skill that people have been doing for nearly 1800 years. As you progress through the different phases, you'll use many kinds of yarn and designs.

By Elaine Schrumpf

OSU Extension Catalog

4-H Knitting Skills

Knitting guide for 4-H members.

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Oregon 4-H Knitting Leader Guide

Leader guide for 4-H knitting project. The knitting project offers members opportunities to exercise creativity, develop decisionmaking abilities, and learn skills that can give pleasure throughout a lifetime.