Family Consumer Sciences

Life skills necessary to manage our lives and that of our future family are gained through the many learning opportunities and skills contests in these project areas: Clothing and Textiles, Foods and Nutrition, Food Preservation, Knitting and Crocheting, Home Environment, Art, Fiber Art, Leathercraft, Photography, Woodworking and Business/Entrepreneurship.  

Learning to cook.


Get inspired and express your creativity in a variety of art forms. The application of the elements and principles of design is the foundation that allows the inclusion of almost any medium or technique. 4-H Original Art division includes work that is entirely the creation of the member while 4-H Non-original Art division allows for the inclusion of some components that have been designed or created by others.


Business and Entrepreneur

You can develop the skills and confidence to start a business! The Business and Entrepreneur project focuses determining price with market research, creating a marketing plan, developing partnerships and drafting agreements and contracts. Exploration results in developing a plan for starting a business while discovering your strengths and learning how to give back to your community.


Cake Decorating

The 4-H Cake Decorating project is designed to provide you opportunities to learn how to bake, frost, and decorate a variety of cakes and cake foams. Explore how to combine color, design, and flavors to create delicious and beautiful creations!



Learn how to express yourself creatively and gain the knowledge and skills to construct sewn items in the Clothing project. This project consists of nine progressive skill levels grouped into Basic, Expanding, and Advanced skills. Each level incorporates activities in five areas: planning and evaluation, individual development and outreach, management, consumerism, and wardrobe building, textiles and science, and construction.

4-H Clothing Project Resources

4-H Clothing Construction Fact Sheets

Child Development

Babysitting can be a rewarding way to help out your community and begin to earn money. This project area includes activities to help you learn business management, babysitting responsibilities, safety, and how to guide children's behavior. This project is designed to use in a club setting over 10 or more meetings or a concentrated short-term project.

4-H Child Development Project Resources


Learn the skills to read patterns and construct different stitches and ultimately create beautiful masterpieces.

4-H Crocheting Project Resources

Designing Spaces

Youth of all ages learn basic elements and principles of design by doing hands-on activities focused on understanding and improving the home environment.

Fiber Arts

Fiber Arts includes a variety of experiences based on the manipulation of fiber. Possibilities are almost endless and include weaving, spinning, felting, basketry, macramé, tatting, braiding, hooking, embroidery, cross-stitch, needlepoint, patchwork, appliqué, quilting, and papermaking.

4-H Fiber Art Project Resources

4-H Foods and Nutrition Project

In the Food and Nutrition project, members learn to plan, select, and prepare nutritious, attractive, and well-balanced meals. The major focus of the project includes food preparation, food safety and storage, nutrition & fitness, management and consumerism.

Statewide Contests include Food Preparation Contest, Mini Meal Contest, and Foods and Nutrition Judging Contest. Members enroll according to their experience level, not age or grade.

Members have a variety of class exhibits and contest opportunities to choose from. Here they will find any necessary exhibit cards, evaluation sheets, and fair and contest information.

Foods: Recipe of the Year, Even Years

4-H Youth Development Program Resource

4-H Recipe of the Year, Even Years

4-H Food Preservation Project Resources


The 4-H Knitting project has two divisions, knitting with hand-held needles and knitting with looms, boards, and machines. The hand held needle division has 6 phases while the looms and boards division has 3 phases. Any phase may be extended for more than one year to experience and master the skills which have been included.

4-H Knitting Project Resources


Coordination and creativity at the heart of the 4-H Leathercraft project! You can learn how to select and care for leather and make your own hand-tooled leather articles from patterns and designs.

4-H Leathercraft Project Resources


Cherish the beautiful moments in life by capturing the moment in a photography project. Learn how to capture still and moving objects in good composition, sharp details and good lighting with cameras. 

Photography Pointers for Fair

4-H Youth Development Program Resource

Showcasing your photography at the fair is a rewarding experience! Please use this resource to help you decide what category best represents your photography.

Photography Requirements

4-H Youth Development Program Resource

Want to know your photograph size requirements for fair? Then check out this resource!

Photography Mounting and Matting

4-H Youth Development Program Resource

Learning how to effectively mount and mat your photography can take your project to the next level!

4-H Photography Project Resources


The 4-H Woodworking project is a fun way to learn the basics of wood construction and woodworking. You will learn construction safety, sawing, nailing, and wood finishing while creating fun, useful items. You will also have the opportunity to explore careers in woodworking and construction as part of the project.

4-H Woodworking Project Resources